• Welcome

    We are local Conservatives who believe in the principles of Constitutional government, a strong national defense, the free enterprise system, fiscal responsibility, and Conservative Judeo-Christian values.

  • Conservative

    Virginia has a longstanding history of Conservative principles and has thrived under Conservative leadership since our founding. The same principles that made our country great since it’s origin are the same principles that will ensure our greatness into the future.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to educate voters and support Republican candidates locally, statewide, and nationally

  • Join Us

    Come on board and work with us if you believe that you and future generations deserve the blessings of Liberty and Prosperity rather than the curse of an excessive big government and an irresponsible liberal agenda!

  • Freedom

    Welcome back to freedom and prosperity!

Register to Vote

It’s the responsibility of the voter to register to vote, and ot the Americans who are eligible to vote only about 70% have registered. The registration process is not difficult or complicated but it must be completed before voting.

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There's always lots to do in promoting candidates. Some of those things are helping to register new voters, help at events, make phone calls, write letters, help with mailings, display a sign in your yard, volunteer to help on Election Day, and much more.

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History of Martinsville GOP

We believe in the ideology of the Republican Party - fiscal responsibility, limited government, strong national defense, and Conservative values. We support Republican candidates and their campaigns.

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Join Us

We’re missing the piece of the puzzle that only you can provide. Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Martinsville Republican Committee.

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